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 Here is a list of reviews on Conflicted: The Survival Card Game, the first game ever made for preppers and survivalists.


  • Initiative: Tabletop wrote a pretty detailed article which can be found here.
  • Jack Spirko from, a survival podcast with an average of 85k downloads a DAY, reviewed Conflicted, read about it here.
  • World Famous SouthernPrepper1 made a video about Conflicted.
  • has written a review of how the game has impacted its owner, read about it here.
  • wrote a very interesting review. What he thought was a simple game, was much more than that. Read about it here.
  • SurvivorJane gave Conflicted a try with the people in her preparedness group, read about their experience here.
  • SimplerTimesHomestead wrote a review after getting Conflicted for Christmas. Read about it here.
  • wrote a review about how Conflicted has impacted the people around him, read about it here.
  • Chris Blake, author of the Apocalyptic Empire Series wrote our first review.
  • Disaster Survival Network published an article about Conflicted, check it out here.
  • MomWithAPrep wrote a review about how Conflicted impacted someone whos new to preparedness, read about it here.
  • wrote a review about Conflicted and how it can improve your survival mindset, read about it here.
  • wrote a review of Conflicted and talked about the benefits of playing it with your survival group, read about it here.





17 Responses to “Reviews”

  1. Dan says : Reply

    I purchased the game a few weeks ago, and I love it. This game asks the questions that you feel awkward asking your bug out friends out in the open. It’s a great survival training tool, in my opinion indispensable to any survivalist or prepper group. Can’t wait for the next deck! Great job guys.

  2. Victor Ferrari says : Reply

    Okay, I just tried to order it again and used paypal immediately and it went through.

  3. R says : Reply

    I thought this would probably be a case where the 5-8 scenarios that are part of the advertising or that have been featured on podcasts would be the best ones. I ordered a deck, anyway, to support the concept and because sometimes there’s a hidden nugget that jiggles the brain.

    I was so wrong!!! This is an awesome deck. When I tried to cull out a “few” of the very best and the ones I hadn’t seen anywhere else, heard on a review or podcast or YouTube from a promoter, scenarios I hadn’t seen in books and ones that a unique twist to a general theme, I ended up with more than half the deck!

    Thank you!

  4. Dale says : Reply

    It’s hard to call this a game. The truth is this is more than just a game, this could be a valuable learning tool for preppers and survivalists to not only test their knowledge, but to get some idea about how your family or friends will react during a crisis.

    Another great thing about this “game” is getting your family and friends on board with what we are all doing. Most people don’t even think about situations like these, and this game could be a gateway to opening them up to the idea that everything is not all sunshine and roses.

    Great learning tool guys, I can’t wait for the next deck!

  5. Tom says : Reply

    I just got mine in the mail yesterday. Awesome, I can’t wait to play. Mine came in a nice clear case, the cards are of a quality material, and I’m happy to help a fellow prepper.

  6. finderladi says : Reply

    I got my cards in the mail today. Fantastic game to play, can’t stop reading the cards. Love that I got 2 extra decks as gifts. Thank you so much.
    Great learning tool

  7. Heather R says : Reply

    I received my deck a few days ago, and everyone I’ve showed them to keeps asking me about them, reading them and discussing each scenario. I don’t like to say it’s a game, but rather a thought-provoking tool. One discussion lasted almost 3 hours! My 12 year old son tried to sneak them to school today to show his friends :) All in all, we love them, and are really looking forward to the next deck.

  8. Jen says : Reply

    Can I pay without using Paypal? The icons are there for other credit cards but the site keeps directing me to a paypal payment page.

    • admin says : Reply

      PayPal is out only option as of right now, besides mailing a money order to our PO Box. We will add other forms of payment in the future.

  9. Danny says : Reply

    I love this tool, you well love it to.

  10. Robert says : Reply

    This game is awesome. It makes you think about situations that are very realistic and practical in a post-societal breakdown situation. My 13 year-old daughter really got into it and gave surprisingly practical and matter-of-fact answers/reactions to many of the scenarios. A great tool for increasing awareness and thinking ahead with “What If..” scenarios. I look forward to the next series of cards!

  11. paprepper says : Reply

    I use the deck 5 days a week on ‘The Survival Podcast Network’ channel on The game has been well received. Thank you!

  12. mike hansen says : Reply

    I played conflicted card game with fellow preppers during a winter camping trip. we all discovered that it was not really a game. instead, we all learned a lot about our self and our group. it was a good time. I cant wait or more cards.


  13. DiverDown says : Reply

    Just ordered Deck 1. Just talked to my wife about it and she too hopes it will convince neighbors and friends the severity of a SHTF event. Most have the attitude that “That will never happen to America”. Ughhhhhh…….. I feel like I’m beating a dead horse. I just tell them “Good luck!” Looking forward to receiving the first deck.

  14. Greg1933 says : Reply

    I ordered the first deck and when it arrived and I looked at the various scenarios I was a bit disappointed to be honest because for the most part..and by that I mean the vast majority..the scenarios are oriented to the population of the USA and also assumes that you are a member of a larger group which might not be the case.
    It also assumes that you have easy access to firearms which simply isn’t the case in some countries…
    I think the game should be given a broader spectrum of real life scenarios that can also exist outside the borders of the USA.

  15. MACSOC says : Reply

    If you find looterscoming to get your stuff and you feelvyou can stop them then do so. Or at lest lear them away.

  16. Lauren says : Reply

    How long does it take to get the decks one you’ve ordered them?

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