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Conflicted: The Survival Card Game

Discuss a scenario from Conflicted: The Survival Card Game, listen to Preppers debate scenarios, get some good advice from seasoned survivalists.


Conflicted: The Survival Card Game



Ever thought about what preppers around the world have to say about Conflicted: The Survival Card Game?

If you love discussing survival scenarios/playing Conflicted: The Survival Card Game, here is what happens every week.

Our friends at will post a question a week and open the thread so that anyone can post their thoughts regarding Conflicted: The Survival Card Game scenarios. If you like to read lots of different answers, this will be a massive thread. is one of the top ranking websites for everything survival, a website I visit on a daily basis and you should too. Our thanks to MD and the crew at for letting us crash their site on Tuesdays. Check out today’s question and participate, the entire community benefits from your point of view, whatever it may be. Visit them by clicking here.


@SurvivorJane hosts #Preppertalk on Twitter

SurvivorJane is one of the most influential members of our community. Every Tuesday at 6pm Eastern, 3pm Pacific, she hosts a #conflicted chat on twitter with the hashtag #preppertalk. Get on twitter and join us! Survivor Jane is a preparedness expert, homesteader,  speaker and author of the newly released “Where There Is No Cosmetic Counter”.  She is the editor of one of the world’s highest rated preparedness information sites for women.  Survivor Jane is also the founder of #PrepperTalk on Twitter, a 24 hour forum that brings people together from all over the world to discuss preparedness ideas. Jane also moderates Tweet Chats for National Geographic Channel’s hit TV series Doomsday Preppers and Doomsday Castle and is a regular contributor for National Geographic Channel’s Doomsday Preppers (including Budget Builds for Season 3.)


PrepperChicks After Dark

The ladies of prepping, hosts a show every Tuesday night at 11pm Eastern, where we gather preppers from all over the country and discuss different scenarios of Conflicted: The Survival Card Game LIVE. You are able to join us via chat. We have had some very well known preppers join us, if you ever wondered what the hot shots of prepping would say about some of our scenarios, this is the chance you have to listen in. Get access to all the archives and get the details about upcoming shows right here.


The Survival Podcast

Jack Spirko, one of the pioneers of the modern survivalist movement, picks a random card every Monday to give his insights and advice on how to go about handling the tough scenarios found in Conflicted: The Survival Card Game. His daily survival podcast has an average of 80,000 downloads a day, because the information he shares is priceless. If you consider yourself a survivalist and you have never listened to his podcast, you are missing out. Find out more about Jack Spirko and The Survival Podcast by clicking here.

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  1. Robert says : Reply

    I would have to think which one is needed the most for our group to go on. is one a doctor, a medic, blacksmith, which one is needed by the group the most.

    • ... says : Reply

      If there is a big weight difference I would use the antidote on the guy who weighs less, because it would be more effective on him.

  2. This sounds like a ton of fun
    Can’t wait to get my pack and see how my local group does

  3. […] SurvivorJane will also be hosting a Conflicted discussion every Tuesday night on Twitter. For more info on how to join, click here. […]

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