Frequently Asked Questions About Conflicted: The Survival Card Game


1. What is the best thing about the game?

Conflicted: The Survival Card Game is a team building game for preppers. The strength of the game is the social aspect of it.


2. What kind of game is it?

Conflicted: The Survival Card Game is a game designed to educate, entertain and inspire preppers and survivalists. It is played in a post apocalyptic setting. Each individual player acts as the leader of a bugout group as they try to solve the toughest scenarios after the apocalypse. The leader who can make the decisions that satisfy the group the most wins.

The cards themselves do not have any teachings or tips on them, but the questions they ask help the players get familiar with themselves as a group as to the survival philosophy of everyone.


3. Whats in the box?

A deck of 52 scenario cards and 2 rule cards.


4. What will playing the game do for me?

We asked the Beta Testers and we got several answers. Here are our top 10 answers to this question:

  1. It opens up in depth discussions regarding what kind of world we’ll live in after the collapse of society.
  2. It shows to you where others in your group draw the line between their will to live vs their own morals
  3. It helps you create a mutual understanding among the members of your bugout group when it comes to who’s more suitable for what role after the collapse of society.
  4. It helps you discuss with significant others what kind of survival philosophy your camp will have after the collapse and why that philosophy is important.
  5. The game will raise an awareness regarding other areas of prepping that perhaps you didn’t think about.
  6. Practice your barter, negotiating and leadership skills to perfection on the subjects that matter most.
  7. Conflicted: The Survival Card Game is like a mirror that exposes your real survival philosophy to yourself.
  8. Over 50 scenarios that will reveal how unprepared emotionally humanity really is to the collapse of modern civilization.
  9. See what other preppers all over the world think a post apocalyptic society will be like, as they submit scenarios and we publish more decks periodically. Have a way to bring this knowledge to your bugout group.
  10. It exposes who the true leader of your bugout group really is. Hope you and your group can handle that.


5. Some of the questions seem unusual. Why is that?

Life in a post-apocalyptical world is nothing like life in today’s society. You will have to decide between your morals and your will to live like never before. The questions have to be taken literally during the game. The questions in Conflicted: The Survival Card Game are more about the spirit of the question, than the question itself. For example, one of the cards read:

“The airplane you stole is too heavy and it’s about to crash. You and your six buddies have five minutes to decide who to dump out, fuel and supplies have been dumped already. Two of you need to go in order to make the airplane stable but there are no parachutes. The two who will need to leave the plane will suffer an excruciating fall to their deaths. How would you handle this situation and why?”

What we are asking in reality is this “If you had to sacrifice 2 of your closest friends so that the majority of the group could live, not doing so would mean the death of everyone, how would you go about it? What criteria would you use to choose who lives and who dies? Are you all in this together and should you all die? Would you be a martyr and sacrifice yourself so that others could live? Should the people who are dragging the team be punished(In this case, the 2 heaviest people)? What would you do?

A desire to avoid answering a question like that, reveals that the player probably isn’t ready emotionally for a post-apocalyptic world.

Whatever that answer is, how does the rest of the group (people you will most likely be bugging out with) take it? Will that answer be a good decision for the entire group as well and not just for you? Will they agree or disagree with you completely?


6. What if players disagree?

If players disagree the game takes a life of its own! During a disagreement a multitude of things may happen. Players may gain new perspectives on prepping that is different than their own, players may partially adopt ideas stated by another player to strengthen their first response to a question, or players may simply agree to disagree. You may find a group of four people to discuss the same question 20 to 40 minutes or even longer. The whole deck is not meant to be played in one sitting. We suggest that only 3 cards be into play, per player, at a time.


7. How do the points factor in the game?

The points are a byproduct of game play more than the focus of it. The points help elect who’s answers the group as a whole identify with the most. Scenario questions should be honestly answered at all times. If you tailor your answers just to gain points you are missing the social and tactical beauty of the game. Besides, people know your personality and they will know you are just trying to deceive them, and that may work against you in the future. Honesty counts!


8. Who’s the winner?

The winner is the prepper/survivalist who has the answers the majority of the players agree with. Most likely you are looking at the leader of the bugout group, the person who will bring wisdom to tough situations, the one the rest of the group will naturally follow after the collapse of society because in the end they all agree with this person’s philosophy on survival.


9. Recommended number of players and their ages?

We recommend 4+ players, 16 and older. Conflicted: The Survival Card Game doesn’t have foul language or nudity, but it was designed for mature audiences only.


10. Why should I have this in my bugout bag?

If you do need to bug out, depending on the event, you may very well be faced with the “crazy” scenarios on the cards. Take them with you and meditate on the probabilities, discuss some of the possibilities with your bugout group, and get your emotions ready. You will be making lots of tough decisions that will make you choose between your morals and your own survival.


11. Who should I play this game with?

You should play Conflicted: The Survival Card Game with anyone, the game will take different shapes depending on who the players are. Your camping buddies will have different answers than your family, your seasoned prepper friends will have different answers than the people you are trying to convince that prepping is a good idea. Read through the cards first, then you’ll know who and when you can play the game with. The teaching element of the game comes from the players. Everyone who plays the game adds something special or a unique perspective to the game. The questions are the vehicle that drive interaction!


12. What is the gameplay like?

Scenarios about life in a post apocalyptic setting are read to a player and their answers debated then voted by the rest of the playing group, each player scoring their answers on a 0-3 scale, the player with most points win. Ideally you should have 4+ players and about 3 cards in play, per player. One deck isn’t meant to be played in 1 sitting. The typical game with 4 players and 12 cards in game easily lasts over 2 hours. See the different rules you can use to play Conflicted: The Survival Card Game in the “How to play” section of the website.




18 Responses to “FAQ”

  1. Jerry C. says : Reply

    I received the deck in the mail yesterday and having an understanding of the protocols of “the game”, I read through some of the cards in the deck… EXTREMELY thought provoking and challenging.
    Last night, while at work, I sat down with some co-workers and presented “the situation” of “the game” and because of time constraints, I simply allowed the guys to randomly pull cards from the deck and read aloud… it was very interesting to listen to the responses of how these men would “react” to the given situation of the scenario presented on a particular card… they definitely want to sit down and “play” a lengthy version…
    This morning, I showed the deck to my two sons… they started salivating (drooling)… even my wife wants to sit down this weekend and “play” the game…
    I honestly can’t think of a better “training” aid in compelling an individual to sit down and truly think through a worst case situation that they’ve spent months or even years trying to avoid… lets face it, almost everyone ‘out there’ knows ‘ITS’ coming, and a large portion of the scenarios presented in the cards are questions that the vast majority of people are extremely uncomfortable thinking about and stanchly refuse to discuss in open conversations.
    These cards are excellent in drawing a person into open discussions…

    Good job guys… well done…

  2. Michal says : Reply

    are the questions in the “US only” and the “International only” deck of cards the same?

    • admin says : Reply

      Hi Michal,

      They are the same questions, the difference in price is just to account for shipping and tax.

      Thanks for your interest!


  3. Sandy Davis says : Reply

    Just ordered my deck. I have a large (200+) emergency preparedness Meetup group in St. Louis and can’t wait to play this with them!!

  4. Mike says : Reply

    How long does shipping usually take? We have a large group meetup in a couple of weeks and was hoping to get them in time if im lucky enough. :)

  5. Denis says : Reply

    Do I need deck one to play deck two?

  6. stacy says : Reply

    I already bought deck one and love it. I purchased deck two and I’m wondering when it will be released? These are awesome training tools.

  7. Brandon says : Reply

    What is the difference between deck 1 and deck 2? Is there an overall theme to the decks or is it just random scenarios?

  8. Big Mike says : Reply

    I would like to BUY both sets.. your web site wont let me pay for anything!!! I checked both that I want to buy, then hit “BUY NOW” and NOTHING!!

    • admin says : Reply

      Hi Mike,

      Just click the big yellow “buy now” button then you’ll see the 2 sets of cards, click the add to cart button and then right under them you’ll see a “view cart” link. Click on that and youll be taken to the cart so you can finish the checkout process. We have been getting orders all morning long, if you still have any troubles let us know, thanks!

  9. Ernie says : Reply

    Do we need both decks or is 2 just a cleaned up one?

  10. Kayla Jean says : Reply

    Do any of the cards in deck one repeat in deck two?

    • admin says : Reply

      No repeats from one deck of Conflicted to another, we have brand new scenarios on deck 2, plus lots of great ones coming from the survivalist community!

  11. Simon y says : Reply

    Hi, Do you ship to the UK. Amazon.co.uk doesn’t stock your game. Peace from the UK.

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